Saturday, 26 February 2011

A Banksy treasure hunt

Banksy is gracing LA with his masked presence, and gifting the people with some visual treasures.
Nancy and I decided that they were a must see. The very nature of their temporary existence, and the controversy they have whipped up were pull enough - let alone their wit and wisdom.
First we stopped at La Brea and San Vicente to see a piece signed by Mr. Brainwash. It features Banksy as an Oscar statuette, accompanied by a crew of storm troopers.

 Next we hared to Wilshire and Santa Monica, just to look at a dog peeing against a wall . . .. 

 . . obviously it was Banksy's dog so we all took pictures and praised it.
Next was my favorite of the bunch at Wilshire and Westwood.

C: Nancy Iraggi

The Valley and the westside, were split by the weirdest weather ever. We left North Hollywood under a grey cloud and ventured into the sun as we trundled over the hill towards Santa Monica. On the way back, that grey cloud was producing ICE!
The cars were all covered in it. My excitement was somewhat dashed by Cassidy the LA veteran, who told me it happened once in the 80's too - waseva


  1. I love Banksy and that dog did the same thing against my front wall last week. LA has hail? All hail La hail.

  2. ...oh and he didn't win an oscar then?

  3. Had the absolute BEST time...a day to remember for sure!
    Now to find the guy that stole the artwork!! The establishment
    is paying big bucks to get them back...pretty funny.