Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Kinshiro - he flies!

Our next self initiated project - person with a significant object/belonging/memory - nostalgic representation.
A young woman recapturing her youth, through the memory of her pet goldfish.
The fish - for the sake of aesthetics - was a fantail goldfish.
The representation, for the sake of cool shots and the opportunity for interesting interaction with the model - a kite.
Flying a kite is a fun activity as a child as well as an adult
  The act of looking into the sky alludes to day dreaming 
I love creating large pieces that compliment scenes but have an effective impact on their own too, so had so much fun making this kite 
First - some design drawings, and then I got started with some dowelling, hot glue and string, and tried to make a frame that would be lightweight and sturdy.

Then covered the framework in a light nylon fabric

Marked out the detail and started to paint

 . . and Kinshiro Flys! He is named Kinshiro because I hoped an identity would give him the will not plummet out of the sky on the shoot day. 
My mum looked up some names and their meanings for me, and we both decided Kinshiro (golden) suited fishy best. As a family we have a habit of naming inanimate objects, like Dandy - my car, Bruce - Dandy's replacement, Cricket - my Dad's old VW Golf . . well thats mainly cars, but you know...

The shoot was styled by Ervina Topalli, makeup and hair by Kari Golden. Our lovely model - Amy Wolpa. Photography and copyright, Paul Dimalanta

If you want to get all technical, he wasn't actually flying. For the sake of control he was mounted to a long piece of PVC piping.

Click here to see Paul's video of the shoot

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