Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Maria Granberg - GOLDSPILL

Maria Granberg

6th June 2010 This shoot was a somewhat glamorised reaction to the BP oil spill last year.
Mr Paul Dimalanta and I decided for our next shoot we wanted something rich, and golden, with a big backdrop - then came the pool, then the floating on water illusion (which I had a few nightmares about pulling off), and then Paul suggested we make it current and relevant - how could we ignore the atrocity that splurged into the sea . . 

I painted this mottled ochre coloured backdrop with gold detail. The aim was to make it look like oil that had settled on the surface of the water.

Perspex Box, two plastic saw horses,
and some soggy sandbags

Backdrop hung

Model:Maria Granberg
Getting comfy on the water

Stylist extraordinaire: Joseph Williams
A little too comfy on the water!

Finished product
Photography: Paul Dimalanta
Art Direction: Katie C Shipley
Styling: Ervina Topalli
and Joseph Williams
Hair and makeup: Kari Golden
Copyright: Paul Dimalanta
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  1. I love this lots. more so because of the hard work everyone must have put into it :)