Monday, 21 February 2011

Short film wrapped!

This weekend we finished shooting a short film I have been working on for the last week.
Pleased with the overall look, and very pleased to have had lots of creative freedom on this one. Often when gathering props, you are gathering the things that are necessary to help tell a story. This time I was able to gather items and turn them into little pieces of art which to me tell a deeper visual story.
We used a room in Trinity Baptist church in Santa Monica as the classroom. The room had a piano, and extremely large and heavy conference table in the centre. Thanks to Tony, Danny, Pat and James for manoeuvring that monster out of there . . . . . . oh and back in!
Room before

Luckily there were some hooks and nails already in the walls, so I was able to string up some bits and bobs to add interest to the room. That has to be the one thing that most locations are sensitive to. They can be lenient in every possible way, but the one thing you hear over and over is "just don't damage the walls!" Nightmare. 3M hooks, tacks, blue tape . . and then you have the task of gradually peeling it off afterwards, just hoping it doesn't take their paint with it!
The parasol was from a thrift store - $1.50! It rounded off that corner perfectly. Tori - director extraordinaire, borrowed the cool stool in the corner. It was perfect for a shot of the main character in her 'dunce' hat!

Greatly enjoyed working with the crew, and can't wait to see the finished film!


  1. An excellent transformation. I can hear happy children just looking at it.

  2. wow cool parasol- and I love those desks where did you get them from?xxx