Saturday, 12 March 2011

Hawaii Tsunami Warning

The tsunami warning in Hawaii was a frightening experience.
The news reported that at 3:00am a tsunami would hit the Hawaiian Islands, triggered by the earthquake that had just struck in Japan. That was at 9:30pm and the following hours were filled with air raid sirens, police announcements, orders to seek higher ground, packing and stocking up on food and water. THANKFULLY there was no big wave! The tidal patterns however were rather strange. At one point the tideline pulled out by about 40ft and exposed the reef.
This is the best picture I could get that evening - the streak of light is a helicopter scanning the coast. I, unlike some defiant people, was not about to stand on the beach for the sake of a good shot. 

Looking out at the dark sea not knowing what was coming our way except for glimpses when the helicopter searchlight passed over the water, was very ominous. Ships, cruise liners and smaller sail boats were evacuated from the harbours. Apparently they would sustain greater damage there than in deeper waters. Their numerous lights looked like a continuation of land way out in the distance.

Scattered sail boats the next morning - waiting for the all clear

C: Cassidy Shipley

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  1. Very frightening. It was bad enough just hearing everything happening down a telephone line. Extremely relieved that you are both ok.