Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mary Blair

Mary Blair started work as a concept artist at Disney in 1940. She also worked as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, creating advertising for several large companies such as Nabisco, Maxwell House and Pepsodent.
Her undeniable style, naivety of shapes,freedom of lines and composition, culminates in some of the happiest looking character  environments... to me it is the identity of Disney’s early style.
A few weeks ago we visited Disneyland California with my sisters (which implies we went with someone below the age of 16 and therefore seems acceptable). Our timing was perfect as the park were exhibiting some of Mary's paintings and drawings.
“It’s a small world” is her most well known input at the park, and although recently remodeled, they have stayed true to her intricate colourful 50’s aesthetic.

Concept artwork

Exterior "Its a small world"
Interior "Its a small world"

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