Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ida Kar "Bohemian Photographer"

Georges Braque, 1960, By Ida Kar

Ida Kar was born in 1908 in Russia. She studied in Paris in 1928, and went on to establish 'Idabel' - her own photographic practice in Cairo in 1933. In 1945 she moved to London. Here she exhibited her work in a solo exhibition at Whitechapel gallery.

Bridget Louise Riley, 1963,  By Ida Kar

The upcoming exhibition of Ida Kar's photography at the National Portrait gallery, should be amazing. Nothing more fascinating than seeing the environments in which artists create their work. Almost like peering into un curtained illuminated living rooms . . . . . . not in a freaky way of course.

Dame Barbara Hepworth, By Ida Kar

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