Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Reginald Fred Coles

Self Portrait, Reginald Fred Coles, 1941
My Grandfather, Reginald Fred Coles, was an inspired artist. Much of his work is on small pieces of paper accompanied by notes which he left for my Grandma or Mum

He made himself a drawing board, which of course we still have, and my sisters and I have all scored into and painted on through numerous school or otherwise projects. Im sure he would have been thrilled to see it so loved and used. While I was at home for christmas, I set myself up with a few projects and again added to the drawing boards war wounds. I got a little more attached to it this time, but seeing as I couldn't drag it back to the states with me under the guise of hand luggage, I convinced my husband to make me my own!

Grandad's drawing board , made in 1926

My drawing board, made by Cassidy,  Jan 2011

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  1. Lucy Sunderalingam9 February 2011 at 04:41

    I love those line drawings by Grandad. I can see some similarity in your pieces now (must be the drawing board effect).