Sunday, 20 March 2011

Botticelli - A Mini Muse 2

Lucy hunted down another of our favourites of Daisy, modeling for my depth of field assignment.
Later in the course, we had to choose an 'event' and document it through a series of photographs. I chose new years Eve, as that year we went up to town as a family and stood on the South Bank. We anxiously waited for the 'river of fire' which never happened and the supposed catherine wheel of fireworks which were to sprout off of the London Eye - not sure if that happened either - the bend of the Thames was not working in our favour. 
Anyway - I was kicking myself for choosing an 'event' which took part in the dark - apart from the odd firework - and so practically forced Lucy and Daisy to recreate it in the harsh light of day. They wore tinsel springy ball headbands and gasped in awe at imaginary fireworks. Sorry girls, I love you - Im pretty sure I got an A.

Daisy 1999, C:Katie Shipley

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